Dear Friends and customers

It is with a heavy heart, we have to announce the closing of the Sessions St Grill....permanently!
For all of my friends and loyal customers who ask me not to close, or wonder how it came to this,here is a synopsis.....

It is 20yrs (to the date) since I took a chance in Marietta to open my little restaurant, and it was and still is without any stretch of the imagination, a rough ride.

I opened for business on Apr 1st 1994! At that time the neighborhood was not as we know it today, but I saw the future potential and took my chances!
I was convinced that the American dream works, if you just work hard.and stay out of trouble...
I was wrong !!!

Sometime on 2001 i tried to beautify the grill in an effort to meet the neighborhood expansion and one of the things i did as some of you may remember was to re-pave my parking lot !
It turn out to be a big mistake !

By doing so i lost my "grandfather clause" and the only way to stay in business was to meet the current City codes for parking spaces with a major one the compliance with the ADA !
Over 2 years of litigation, and few modifications, I manage to comply with the City codes
and stay in business without major issues for the next 10 years and stayed away from any beautification ideas !

On Dec 2012 a city official approached me with the city's plans in reference to connecting to the Silver Comet Trail.
It was clear that the city needed part of my parking lot, the whole patio and a curb on the side of Sessions St. limiting my access to only Campbell Hill St.

At this time the City of Marietta through their representative had no problem for me staying in business with lesser parking !! In matter of fact he was adamant about it (3 vs 6 that I needed 10 years earlier..)
He was "sure" this will not effect my business at all and he was adamant that the city will not close me down due to the lack of parking!! especially in my case where the parking was covered by the "grandfather clause "
???WHAT ???
He also suggested that I am free to take my "experience" and go somewhere else to open my business!!!! By that time I was trying to convince myself that I am still on USA soil and not in North Korea!

I tried at that time to explain to him and later to the city engineers that their plats were wrong and they were leaving me with only 1 parking space didn't produce any results and litigation was the only option they left me with hoping i will run out of funds before the case even go to court as shows from their action's so far!
As far as my suggestion to the City engineers to acquire both properties and turn em to a small park or even connected to the existing park and expand the intersection, (more kids and traffic friendly) since it is a school bus stop, hospital and St. Joes School access, and hard corner to turn , almost impossible for bigger vehicles didn't "fit" their plans !!!

On April 2013 (without any other communication between) I received a condemnation order stating that the City had acquired part of my property for $43000 before taxes including the lost of business!!!!....
So much about the right to property ownership in GA !!!

They took away from me the possibility to combine both properties in the future, as I'd had that option before the condemnation (that was one of the reasons I purchased both of those 2 properties long before the bike trail idea arise ... ( for some you didn't know the property the house sit on is Commercial and therefore the commercial laws apply to any modifications) and had no desire to improve anything special after what I had to go through 10years earlier and not until i was ready to combine those 2 properties.

And finally on November of 2013 when I went to apply for my annual business license renewal I received the letter that I can no longer be in business due to lack of parking >>> Go figure!!

So .... After they drop my house and Grill property value for over $100K ( the only house on Campbell Hill St to drop over $100K) then i was asked to beg for forgiveness of what they did to me and to my business and ask for Variance ?

Variance for what ? The tailored to their needs plats showing 3 parking spaces instead of 1 ?
Variance for a sign that they leave no space for?
Variance for not having access to Sessions St ?
Variance for my lost ability to expand by combine both properties?
Variance for new set backs ?
Variance for re-zoning my property the house sits on to residential ?
Variance for removing the ADA parking space they use as a tool to close me down 10 years earlier but now the City completely dismissed since it doesn't work with their plan ? ( Classical do as i say not as i do scenario )

Also I'd like thank you all for your mental and financial support , the great times and memories you have given me through the years and looking forward to see you at Niks Place on Whitlock Ave.
Thank you Nik

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